Our Mission

Any community is a heavily nuanced collective of disparate elements. Arguably the most often neglected character of a place is the way that it tastes. Celebrations strives to capture that character, boiling down its stocks, foraging its plants, and showcasing its produce; all in an attempt to capture a time and a space in the confines of a plate, but more often in a series of plates.

Nestled deep in the city core of Cape Girardeau, Celebrations makes an offer: come take a walk.

To cross the Celebrations threshold is to begin a journey to the fields, farms, gardens, and kitchens of Southeast Missouri.  Through the back alleys and down into scenic hollers, in any given year at any given time, Cape grows and blooms and fades, each moment a snap portrait at another her; the Cape of that day.  Through toil, revel and transit, every season is collected and groomed through a professional culinary breakdown. And in an ethereal dining setting, replete with gleaming glass and spotless linens, the labors of specialists manifest into an edible portrait of one defining moment: an experience of mind, body, and geography.

Caught a notion for exceptional wine service while in the sub-rural Midwest? Celebrations will provide.  Afflicted with an unholy craving for wild game? Celebrations will provide.  Fully vegan and and excited to try familiar vegetables in unfamiliar ways? Celebrations will provide. 

Though the world of Celebrations is a landscape of taste and ambiance, family and community are the gravity at its core.  All are welcomed into this family, a community growing and thriving since 1997.  Though many arrive at the Celebrations family in times of joy and triumph, this is a place of continual peaceful moments, one long and relaxed conversation around dinner, surrounded by those who care deeply about what they do, a family of families.

Get to know another Cape.  We are Celebrations.